Born on June 7, 1993, in Tlalnepantla de Baz, Estado de Mexico, this human thing received the name of Angelo Aguilar.

The End. 


Hello, beautiful people! Let me introduce myself...

My name is Angelo Aguilar (also known by various names such as esAngeloAguilar like my social networks, Gallo, Mr. Rooster... Rebel CBK... Foforitho... 'Emo-rroides' because i was part of the emo culture... you know what? Forget the last three names. I was young and clearly a stupid teenager). I'm a mexican hobbyist digital artist, landscape / nature / architecture photographer and a published author who currently resides in Monterrey, Mexico. 

As the solitary line above in the middle of the page says, I was born into a humble family on June 7, 1993, in the industrial municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz, Estado de Mexico, and lived for over 10 years in a low-income area in Naucalpan de Juarez, also in Estado de Mexico.


Probably my favorite photo ever: Me at the entrance to Louvre Museum, Paris.

I adore being on nature. Hiking, swimming, rappelling... if i could i would like to live on a cabin in the middle of the forest. Of course, with internet service and a road for Amazon parcels. I also enjoy visiting new places... after being in France i'm in the urge to return backpacking to Europe and visit as many countries as possible. As i said before, i like to photograph architecture, landscape and nature so, whenever i'm out in 'the wild' or visiting a new place, i try to not miss the opportunity to take as many photos as possible. I'm currently using a massive Nikon P1000 camera and i have to say that it's fantastic! Heavy as hell... but what an amazing camera!

I enjoy soccer and running 10 - 15k's, in fact i used to do it a lot when i was younger. The biggest event in which I have participated so far is TOUGH MUDDER MONTERREY 2016, not only because the 20 kms and 25 obstacles, but also i broke my left arm a few months before the event at a soccer game. For music genre, i can listen almost at anything, but rock always will prevail! And for a pet, doggos are the best! Also I ADORE CRAFT BEER as much as I'M LOST WITH RED HAIRED GALS. Did i had to mention that? Not really... but also why not?

In the writing field, I love creating characters and their backgrounds, write sci-fi / horror stories for books, and if i combine those stories with something related to WWII and / or with a touch of dark / controversial themes, even better for me. Fun fact: i love writing sci-fi and horror, but my first published book was a teen drama school comedy for some reason.



nombre y logo.png

Since i was little kid, I've always had a liking for drawing and even a more special enthusiasm for the writing, having my first long story at the age of 8 for a book entitled 'Ellos también cuentan' (They also count), a book that was part of a cultural movement in 2002-2003 that sought to bring primary school children closer to literature. And in january, 2020, at the age of 26 and with the help of Letrame® Grupo Editorial, my first book called Verano de Nuevo!® was officially published in Spain, USA and latin america.

Verano de Nuevo!® is a 'light novel' of 2.5 kilograms and 580 pages full of teenager drama and stuff, being the life of a young man named Aiden during his first semester (third semester) in his new high school after having moved away from the city, finding himself a busy and caricature life in the company of his new friends.


Later that year, from March 11 to 15, and thanks to Escritores Independientes Capítulo Monterrey (EICAM), I had the opportunity to bring the book at the first major regional literature event that takes place here in Monterrey, The 2020 Edition of Feria Universitaria del Libro UANLeer®. Unfortunately, the event was greatly affected by the global pandemic that continues to be experienced, SARS-CoV-2. Being the same reason why later in the same year, the most important event of literature in the city, Feria Internacional del Libro Monterrey, was canceled, reason why the book could´nt be taken to a greater public for its exhibition. (Be safe everyone! And please follow all health security measures! More info about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in


For now, Verano de Nuevo!® can be found only in spanish either in physical version or eBook with the links that you can find here.

(I swear i'm not trying to sell you my book... BUT... if you are interested to get a copy of Verano de Nuevo!® you can simply click the name. Or also you can click here... or here!).


Yeah, i used MSN Spaces, Hi5 and Fotolog when i was a teenager... I mean, I did not use those platforms and there is no proof if I did. I also used Facebook, but back then it was mostly for local gossip instead of knowing what the hell is doing that friend of a friend who is friends with one of my friends that I haven't spoken to in years. But the really first thing i started doing on the internet (I swear... ) was broadcasting on my own web radio station called SexN'Drugs Rock Radio Streaming along with my father, one friend of him and three close friends of me back in 2011. Everything was easier to do back then, and as you can guess by the name of the station, we transmitted rock, punk, alternative and similar music genres, reaching over 1600 radio listeners in 8 different countries, such as United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Chile and United Arab Emirates... Yeah, you read it right. United Arab Emirates. Don't ask me how, but there was always a user from that country listening to my radio, probably in the highest part of any of Abu Dhabi's skyscrapers.

Not gonna lie, this part of my life was actually fun. Imagine just a bunch of teenagers trying to be broadcasters that, in addition to music, we also talked a lot about random stuff like 'World Egg Day'... that actually exist and i recall it perfectly because it was the same day we launched the radio station, on a friday, October 7, 2011. We kept the transmissions of SexN'Drugs Rock Radio Streaming every monday, wednesday and friday (the day that i had my own show on air) for over a year until November, 2012. Unfortunately because external reasons beyond our reach we had to stop this fun and fantastic project, reaching the end of this adventure.


I really loved the SexN'Drugs Rock Radio Streaming idea. In fact, i was proud of it. A few years later, in 2015, i tried to bring back a similar project to SN'D RRS, this time under the name of AGM ONLINE RADIO STREAMING. However, the laws on the internet were at this point already a major impediment as it has been until today for content creators under the heavy fire of copyright claims.


Since I didn't have the resources to bring this project alive (money, time, licenses, legal paperwork, etc...) i just simply gave up on the idea of broadcast on the internet... but that didn't mean that I would stop uploading content to the network. I already had another project running by this time.


Well... like i said before, i really liked drawing since i was a kid. In fact, i've been a really creative person since i can remember. Better yet, during high school i had no compassion for any of the pages in any of my study books. What do i mean with that? Well... every sheet, every line of text and every picture on the pages was vandalized by my pen with my drawings. I really wish i still had my books to share y'all the dinosaurs, UFOs and portraits of famous people fishing or riding motorcycles... i think that explains my poor academic performance as a teenager. That and because i slept a lot during classes (as the photo next to this text). 

If my brain is correct, one day when i was sixteen and i was so bored during 'Values Formation III' class i asked to myself 'How about i start uploading stuff to the web?'... so i did! 


'Poor academic performance' graphic description. 



It was in 2014 when looking at the dinosaurs and portraits of famous people on my books fishing or riding motorcycles thanks to my pen and imagination, i decided that it was time to not only 'try' to broadcast music on the internet, but also to annoy MemeCenter users with my drawings and comic ideas... so GalloAGM! was born on that platform. I also knew about DeviantArt at that time. In fact, i had a profile there named RebelCBK since 2008 if i remember right, but to be fair, i only used it to download HD wallpapers and Rainmeter skins.

Drawing was fun at this point in time (before my unhealthy desire of making progress on my style), and i kept it like that for over a year, just drawing characters and comics to upload to my profile on MemeCenter. Unfortunately (again?) i was starting college at the same time, so my school projects, homework and my 'part time job from 4pm to 2am per event' started to consume my time more and more to the point where i barely had hours of sleep, so i had to sacrifice the drawing hours of my free time to rest a little between my active hours, and with much greater reason after the heart attack that I had in 2015 because of the null sleep, bad nutrition and the excessive stress.

Now that i think about it... it seems that life charged me back every single hour that  i slept during class when I was in high school.


It wasn't until 2017 when i finally got back to my drawing tablet, but not only drawing comics as i used to do. I really wanted to take drawing 'more seriously', so on May that same year i created my second DeviantArt account for my art... and i immediately ignored it because i misspelled my profile name with esAbgeloAguilar and i was unwilling to pay a Core membership just to correct it. A few minutes later (after creating a new email account), my third and main DeviantArt profile esAngeloAguilar was born on the web, being a hard base-referenced fan art of Rosalina my first upload on the platform.

This new adventure was actually quite challenging for me. I've been always a perfectionist person. Even when i was a child. What else can you expect from someone that was raised with a mentality of 'you can always do better'? In every drawing, even until today, i need to see a notorious improvement. That also brought me the existential crisis of what kind of drawing style i wanted to do. Because the comics i used to draw before dA, i always liked a 'cartoonish' style, but thinking ahead i couldn't see myself drawing so basic, simple and boring... where was the progress? I also remember seeing fantastic pieces from amazing artists... 'one day i'll draw as good as them'.



As probably you may noticed on the image above, my drawing style has been struggling between looking cartoonish, anime and kinda semi realism like the fan art i made back in 2017. In 2018 i finally adopted a drawing style, being consistent the shape of the eyes, the big heads and the semi realism shading of the skin, this last one reaching a point of improvement on my drawings that started to look odd with the big heads and the way i was coloring hair, giving me the urge to change my style once again and finally find the balance between 'cartoonish' and semi realism in 2020.



There was something about having my own space on the internet that I couldn't get out of my head. A website where i could use for personal brand, business and a portfolio for my drawings and all my projects. A site i could operate, move and design at my own will and taste. A place where i could share tips and tutorials with other people interested in the same things as me... so, in January 17, 2020 the website saw the light for the first time, having so many aesthetic and functional changes until today.


I mostly draw original characters and fan arts of other people ocs. There are so many amazing designs that i'm simply captivated by the creativity with which they are created. I also draw fan arts from time to time of well known characters that i really like from famous video games and series, but most of the time i draw original characters.

And what kind of themes do i draw? Well... here's where things become a bit tricky. I like to draw female bodys (and I actually do that). I like themes related to sci-fi, beauty and erotism. I also like horror stuff, but mostly my art is about the first three themes. And why did i said this was a bit tricky? Well, most of the time people confuse erotism with basically porn... and that's not really my path.


I draw nudity without any problem. In fact, i enjoy drawing nudity, specially when it comes to an artistic purpose or composition... but when people ask me to draw porn, even if it's just mild stuff, i don't feel comfortable with it. The few times i drew that i totally destroyed the files of my computer just seconds later. If you ever read my COMMISSION RULES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS you'll immediately notice what i just said thanks to the detailed description there. (I swear i'm not trying to sell you a commission... but in case if you're interested please check my COMMISSIONS INFO).

By the way, if you are interested, i have open slots for commissions if you want me to drawing something for you! Just click here for more information!



Besides drawing, I've also been curious to learn 2D Animation since high school. I tried it two times for college projects, however i've never been an organized person, so the two times i had to rush the work to have the animations done for due date. And by rush i meant i had less than 12 hours to finish them... A rushed 2d animation? How bad could it be? You can imagine the final result.

Monsters was the first animation that i made, and as i said before, i totally forgot i had a college project with a due date. So i did what i could in just the few hours i had before my class started. The second animation was part of a social conscience project to use the pedestrian bridges called 'Cruza Seguro', also for college. Same as Monsters, i forgot this had a deadline, so i did what i could with what i had on the really short period of time (just hours) i had left. I couldn't find the complete animation, but i found part of it. And it is so cringe.